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Friday 17 July
Term ends with some lovely Baroque trumpet playing

If you visit Odds & Ends you will find a link to a YouTube video of an exciting piece for seven trumpets and timps! I've also written you a note about what is happening next on this website, now that the school year is over. That's on the newest card at the page top – please go and take a look.

Odds & Ends
Thursday 16 July

Well, it IS the summertime, right? So, at Odds & Ends you will find a YouTube link to an unbelievable, wonderful performance by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, two of the greatest-ever jazz artists, of this monster song written by George Gershwin, clever bloke that he was. Please go and give it a listen: your socks will explode with delight.

Odds & Ends
Seven trumpets and some timps
Please see Friday 17 July for more on this.
Canonbury Brass logo with instrument valves and initials
Wednesday 15 July
Dvořák's amazing Largo

Run, don't walk to the Odds & Ends page for the very very popular and well-known Largo from Dvořák's New World Symphony. If you're playing it and anyone says "ah yes, the Hovis advert," please just smile politely and carry on with great dignity. Thank you.

Odds & Ends
Tuesday 14 July
This Old Man

Please visit Odds & Ends for the excellent and popular classic melody This Old Man (He played n, where n is a positive integer) and a tiny mathsy question about how it's written!

Odds & Ends
Monday 13 July
New page for This is my Wish

In order to give you a proper look back at our Christmas 2019 Brass Ensemble piece I've moved it to an updated page here. So now it fits in properly and works with the rest of the site. Hurrah!

This is my Wish
Friday 10 July
Minor improvements

I've been doing some very necessary tidying and sorting out. Please read on to see what has changed.

This is my Wish

There is a new computer performance of This is my Wish at its page here, or if you just want to hear it directly without going to the page, the audio button below will do it for you. The old one was a bit horrible; this new one has better synthesized instruments and sounds more realistic. We can't do much about the computer voices: they just sing "ah" because they don't know the words!

Horn music postcard

I have tidied up the page about the postcard with horn music and added some minor but useful stuff. There is also a new question for you on the page: what does "op 31" mean there? Dojos for an answer!

This is my Wish
Horn postcard
Thursday 9 July
Living for the City: other voices

Two more amazing performances of our Brass Ensemble tune, one from Ike and Tina Turner and the other from Maynard Ferguson. Please join me in being amazed by what this song has inspired people to do.

You will find these two new-but-from-1974 performances in the Other versions section of our Living for the City page.

Living for the City
Canonbury Primary School Brass Ensemble
This is my Wish
Please look at Friday 10th July, just near here, for more on this.
Page of musical score of a song
Wednesday 8 July
Living for the City: new page, new link

Living for the City was getting a bit big for the main Brass Ensemble page, so it has moved to its own page where it has nore room to grow.

I've added another link, to a great live TV performance of the song – all the way from 1974!

Living for the City
Canonbury Primary School Brass Ensemble
Tuesday 7 July
Song performance link 

I've added a YouTube link, for Stevie Wonder singing Living For The City, to the Brass Ensemble page. There will be more developments here.

Canonbury Primary School Brass Ensemble
Monday 6 July
Brass Ensemble page open

We've started a page celebrating the Canonbury Primary School Brass Ensemble with music old and new and some information about the ensemble. It's early days yet and there is lots more to come, but you should certainly look at, and listen to, what is there now – whether or not you were in it before the lockdown! Pop along and visit the Brass Ensemble page for the latest information.

Canonbury Primary School Brass Ensemble
Friday 3 July
Susato Ronde v1

New at Odds & Ends is a lively, quick dance, Susato Ronde v1, by Tielman Susato.

Odds & Ends page
Thursday 2 July
Take It Easy

Another day, another new, nice, easy tune (using just your First Four Notes) on the Odds & Ends page. Please go there and find Take It Easy – I think you might like it!

Odds & Ends page
Susato Ronde
A little thumbnail picture of the new tune for Friday 3 July
Thumbnail image of brass music by Susato
Wednesday 1 July
Run Canonbury Run

Another new tune for you at Odds & Ends. Have a look. Need a backing, note names, or something else to help you? Just ask.

Odds & Ends page
Tuesday 30 June
Oh When The Saints

There's another new, easy tune on the Odds & Ends page. It's Oh When The Saints, a very well-known jazz march.

Odds & Ends page
Monday 29 June
Wind the Bobbin Up

Another nursery classic. Please go again to Odds & Ends where Wind the Bobbin Up is brand new today.

Odds & Ends page
Friday 26 June
Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star

And why not? It is a nice little tune and (don't tell anyone) pretty easy to play. Please head over to Odds & Ends where it is the newest item today. And that A is played with 1st and 2nd valves – but you know that, right?

Odds & Ends
Thursday 25 June
Birdie, not stringy

There's a new photo of a Red Kite – the bird of prey, not the flying toy on a string – at our Pictures page.

This is just a tiny thumbnail picture – please see the Friday 26 June item on this page for how to get the real nusic.
Sheet music for Twinkle Twinkle
Wednesday 24 June
Two horns

Continuing from Monday and Tuesday's talk about my postcard and the music on it we have two photos of horns on the Odds and Ends page for you to look at and compare. Are they the same? Really??

Odds & Ends
Tuesday 23 June
More on the postcard

I've added a lot of new content about the postcard that I introduced yesterday. You can go to Odds & Ends to see the introdution and to hear the tune, but maybe you might like to go straight to a new page about the card with a big picture and lots more information. Enjoy!

Odds & Ends
Monday 22 June
A slightly mysterious postcard and some slightly mysterious music

On our Odds and Ends page today you can see a favourite postcard of mine with a little bit of music – relevant music! – to hear too. Your questions and comments are warmly invited.

Odds & Ends
Friday 19 June
Happy, a 2013 pop hit in an amazing trombone version

Today on the Odds and Ends page you can see Christopher Bill, a man with great trombone and live-performance computer skills, do a rather wonderful version of this pop song, which was hugely popular when Y5/6 people were very young.

I'm sorry about the one moment of mildly bad language – please read the note about this on the Odds & Ends page. Thanks.

Odds & Ends
Thursday 18 June

Michael Munzert clones himself and his blue plastic trombone to produce an impressive and quite bizarre video. Please hop along to Odds and Ends where it is currently the top item. Don't miss this one! Also there are two questions for you, and everybody likes questions, yesno??

Odds & Ends
Christopher Bill
A trombonist who also does magic with the Ableton software – please see 19 June
Photo of young man playing trombone, with a laptop nearby, in a small room
Wednesday 17 June

A very very short and quite funny piece of modern classical music for trumpet, piano and squeaky plastic pig by William Gustav Morris. It's played by a great trumpet player called Aneel Soomary and his excellent colleagues. If you want to see it please visit Odds and Ends where it is the first item today. When you get there please carefully read the content warning and make sure that you are OK to watch it. If not, please just skip it.

Odds & Ends
Tuesday 16 June
Reggae trombone legend

Moving forward in musical time, we now have a link to a fantastic album by the Jamaican trombone star Rico Rodriguez. It's on the Odds and Ends page – at least till I get something better set up. Please go and listen to at least one song there – or the whole album, if you like.

Odds & Ends
Monday 15 June
Fantastic baroque trumpet player (also not Mr Young!)

Still on older instruments, a new link shows us Alison Balsom playing the baroque trumpet. It's here on the Odds and Ends page. Go and count the valves – you might be surprised.

Odds & Ends
Friday 12 June
Fantastic cornetto player (not Mr Young!)

To follow up on my talking about and playing the cornetto in my last two videos, I have added a YouTube link on the Odds and Ends page so that you can watch an absolutely top, genius player performing on and explaining this unusual instrument. Please go to the page and have a look: she is amazing.

Odds & Ends
Thursday 11 June
Really an ANIMAL picture?

There's another new photo on the Pictures page. It was definitely there and I saw it and photographed it. Not sure about the species though – can you help?

Lene Langballe 
Please see Friday 12 June for more about this amazing player    
Canonbury Brass logo with instrument valves and initials
Wednesday 10 June
New animal pictures

There are three new animal pictures on this page. One is very cute; one is funny and noisy; and one is a bit spiky, and possibly very bad news for its intended lunch. Please go and see if you can find the new ones.

Tuesday 9 June
Last page goes online 

With backings for p. 51 of Simply Brass now online, that makes the book sort-of finished. You can choose to play any page you like from 3 to 51 and we will have a backing for you.

The website will go on changing and improving. I will talk about this more some time soon. Simply Brass might be "finished", but Canonbury Brass is not!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Monday 8 June
A scaley page

Simply Brass page 50 is all about scales: seven altogether – that's three major, three minor and a surprising slinky chromatic. Now you can play them all with helpful backings at a good steady speed. Nicer than bunny-wunnies, and incredibly good for your playing skills!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Friday 12 June
March Duet – a big piece with a big role to play!

Page 49 is the last Simply Brass page that has an actual piece on it – after that it's scales and warmups, and, sure, they are important, but they are not what I would play to impress my Granny. So please go and have a look at p. 49 and see what you could do with it!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Thursday 11 June
Simply Brass page 48

With p. 48 of our Simply Brass book we get backings for March from Carmen, which everyone has probably heard at least once, even if they don't think so, and Rooty Tooty, a swing tune with a special growl for you to work on.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
I'm just going to leave this here for now …
Yes, it is a brass instrument – even if it is not made of brass, it is played by buzzing your lips. Your comments would be much appreciated …

Please click the photo, or this link, for a bigger version so you can see the detail better.

Musical instrument with a trumpet-like mouthpiece and a short, black, curved body with finger-holes
Wednesday 3 June
Bugles on the Bandstand!

A great Alan Pring backing is waiting for you on p. 47 for Bugles on the Bandstand. You need to look at this one!

Ask me nicely and I'll play it for you.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Tuesday 2 June
Simply Brass page 46

A nice little Tekka-Tekka exercise and a super-famous Mozart tune await you on page 46 of our Simply Brass book. Go and check it out!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Monday 1 June
A fun Time Trial and a posh dance

On Simply Brass p. 45 you'll find a Time Trial which you can start slowly then play faster … and faster … and faster … how fast will you go?

After that is a rather good Gavotte, a posh, stately, perhaps even courtly dance. Well worth a look.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Friday 28 May
Castle Keep March

All of Simply Brass page 43 and most of page 44 is just one tune, the epic Castle Keep March. This exciting and grand duet is perhaps what p. 5's Castle March wanted to be when it grew up! To finish off, p. 44 ends with a wiggly lip slur exercise for the wiggly lip slur experts amongst you.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Thursday 28 May
Simply Brass page 42

Simply Brass p. 42 has the popular round Row, Row, Row your Boat and a very lively Alan Pring-backed piece, Skips.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
A Canonbury euphonium
Here is a ❗John Packer JP174 euphonium just like the few Endangered Species examples that we have left. You would like to discuss euphoniums? Sure, we can discuss euphoniums. Off you go: what's your first question?
Photo of a John Packer euphonium from the supplier's site
Wednesday 27 May
Tricky tricky, but then popular …

Simply Brass p. 41 is a bit of a monster, inroducing the tricky but excellent 6/8 time signature. But I talk you through it then give you huge long backings to just play around with, for as long as you like, so please have a look. The good news is that you can then play For He's a Jolly Good Fellow using your new skills.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Tuesday 26 May
Two new backings: p. 40

Please have a look at Simply Brass page 40 for two new backings. For one of them Alan says "slides only" – are we going to let that stop us?? I think not.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Monday 25 May
A Bank Holiday

As it's a Bank Holiday today there's nothing new on the site, but I thought you might enjoy a quick excerpt from Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man, a wonderful piece for brass and percussion. There's a big noisy start from the percussion, then the trumpets begin as in this short sample. The horns join them in a second line then more and more brass and percussion – it's a big build-up to a very exciting finish! I will play you the whole thing someday when we are back together. 

Friday 22 May
At last – some animal pictures

Well it has been much talked-about, and often promised, but the Animal Pictures page has now started. I have more to do to it, as this is all quite new to me: it doesn't, for example, work on mobile devices yet. But it will! Enjoy.

Pictures …
Thursday 21 May
One huge tune occupies all of p. 39  

Come to Simply Brass p. 39 for the new tune Road Runner, an epic melody taking up the entire page, with a lively backing by Mr Pring himself. It's a great tune and quite hard work, but if you ask me nicely I will record it for you!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Ibrahim Maalouf
Ibrahim is a great French-Lebanese jazz trumpet player who does really amazing things with the Arabic musical flavour of this special 4-valve instrument.

These are all ❗ external links: photo by Thesupermat, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
Trumpeter playing into a microphone
Wednesday 20 May
Some new stuff, and an old one reheated 

New scales to learn – Bb and D majors will make you think! Also on p. 38 of Simply Brass we revisit the Can Can but this time it's in the higher key of D. Slightly more tricky but it sounds great! Finally, there is a rather good Warmup in Bb Major – lots of slurs, with a lovely waltz backing. Go and see!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Tuesday 19 May
Simply Brass p. 37

On page 37 you'll find an expedition right up to D, and a very impressive piece that uses it!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Monday 18 May
Page 36 joins the fleet

Simply Brass Page 36 has a great, science-fiction-ish march, Red Alert, with a top backing from Mr Pring himself. Then Slippin' and Slidin' will let you test your fast driving skills at four different speeds from 100 to 160 BPM – that's fast!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Friday 15 May
Two new backings on page 35

How are your triplets? These tunes both need you to think Tri-cy-cle quite a lot. Warm-Ups is an amazing lip-slur exercise that slides down through 0, 2 and 1; Triplet Tune is, erm, a tune with triplets! It also has a slightly amusing musical joke in its middle 4 bars – it is a reference to a much more famous piece of music. Can you spot it?

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Thursday 14 May
A great tune – duet or solo?

Simply Brass p. 34 comprises just one tune – but it's a monster! It can be a duet or a solo, and if you need a duet partner I will make you a special recording. I play it, both parts, in my Class Dojo video for today. 

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Sheona White
Possibly the top tenor horn player in the world! I am just about to get her new album – please ask to hear a bit when we are all back together again. She's a fantastic player.
Photo of tenor horn player outside by formal garden gate
Wednesday 13 May
A haunted house comedy and an OTT backing

Simply Brass page 33 offers you the jokey (or is it jokey-spooky?) Hootchy Cootchy with an Alan Pring backing, and then Run Around, a simple scale exercise in which I got a bit carried away with the backing ... enjoy.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Tuesday 12 May
Simply Brass p. 32

Two different scales, one major and the other minor. Then you can play a bouncy tune called Study.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Monday 11 May
Clementine, and other good stuff

Now have backings online for page 31 of Simply Brass and you can play the favourite Clementine from … several generations ago. We also have a bouncy tune full of the Tim-ka rhythm, and a tricky slurring workout that you can turn into a Mega Exercise.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Friday 8 May
Bank holiday 

Because of the Bank Holiday and the VE Day commemorations there's no new Simply Brass material, but I thought, in view of the significant date, that you might like to hear a military bugle sound Last Post.

You can listen to the tune in the sound gadget below, and along there → is a photo of that sort of instrument. If you imagine playing your cornet or tenor horn but without moving any valves, you'll have a good idea of what it is like. Try it!         

It's a pity but I don't know who the bugler is in this recording: it's not me.

Thursday 7 May
Tricky rhythms, a wedding favourite, and a filmic extravaganza! 

Mr Pring has really surpassed himself with Simply Brass page 30 – an epic nine lines of varied music! Please go and see.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
A bugle for VE Day
This is my ex-army bugle, like you or I would use to sound Last Post. Important point: no valves.
Canonbury Brass logo with instrument valves and initials
Wednesday 6 May
Two very dancy classics

Simply Brass p. 29 is online now with Alan Pring's own backing for Lord of the Dance and a great big orchestra waiting to play the Can-Can with you!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Tuesday 5 May
A bit of Bach and some technical cleverstuff

Now we have page 28 with the whole C Major Scale and its Arpeggio: serious exam work, but also fun to play! Then you can enjoy J S Bach's lovely Minuet.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Monday 4 May
Three great items on p. 27

We've added Simply Brass p. 27 today: visit Alan's website for the backing to a stately dance, or on this site do a Speed Trial (ask me for a faster version if you dare) and have fun with an old favourite.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Friday 1 May

Simply Brass p. 26 features that C Major scale that many of you are so keen on playing, along with a great AP backing for a Fanfare, and a gentle warm-up for you to get super-smooth.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Thursday 30 April
Page 25 and more Pring mega-backings

Page 25  is another one where Alan's website has the backings you need. Go and see – these are two more top tunes.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Work in progress
Here is my Band In A Box software with which I am working on p. 26, High Point.
Computer screen showing a tune being edited in music software
Wednesday 29 April
News about page 24

I've added Simply Brass page 24 to the list. Two pieces, both with fabulous Alan Pring backings … it's good stuff: please go and look and play.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Tuesday 28 April
Page 23 and two great tunes

Page 23 backings have erupted onto your website with the backings score:
Pring 1–1 Young. Go immediately and check it all out.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Monday 27 April
Simply Brass page 22

Please go and see what we have for page 22 – a fantastic piece called Stately Dance which you can play as a duet or on your own! It has a splendid backing by Alan. 

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Friday 24 April
Page 21 with one AP and one NY backing

We've added p. 21 with Alan Pring and me sharing the honours on the backings. Don't tell anyone, but his is better than mine … at the moment!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Thursday 23 April
Simply Brass page 20

Hmmm. Well, I was thinking of stopping at p. 20, at least for a while. Take a look at it and see if you can guess why I felt I couldn't stop right there, right now!
(There's nothing actually wrong with the tunes there … well, not exactly … erm … go and look!)

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Wynton Marsalis
The legendary American trumpeter – a wonderful player in both jazz and classical styles
Close-up photo of trumpet player in concert
Wednesday 22 April
Page 19 brings you three more goodies

Visit our Simply Brass backings and investigate p. 19 which has just arrived, with a very strong contrast beween its first two tunes and the last one! Go and have a look …

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Tuesday 21 April
We add page 18 to our backings

We've added Simply Brass page 18 to our collection of backings. There's a slithery smooth warmup slurring exercise and a great duet – or is it two solos? – with surprising five-beat notes to play!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Monday 20 April
Three amazing tunes from page 17

Page 17 has come along to join us with backings for a very agricultural version of Old MacDonald, an old holey (but not holy) favourite, and a slurring study that will make you a mega-player*, in time!
*Terms and Conditions apply.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Friday 17 April
Page 16 online

Page 16 is the latest to join our collection of Simply Brass backings with a couple of technical challenges and one tune that seems oddly familiar …

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Thursday 16 April
Two more backings - it's page 15!

We now have the backings for page 15 online. There's a brilliant slurring exercise and a fabulous new backing – never before heard in a Canonbury classroom! – for Concert Fanfare.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Stop that at once!
This small dog is NOT properly authorized to operate that piccolo trumpet. Tsk.
Canonbury Brass logo with instrument valves and initials

Safety note: do NOT do this with school instruments and your own pets. This photograph was taken, in 2003, under very strictly controlled conditions with a whole Hygiene Emergency Team on standby. Don't try this at home, kids.

Wednesday 15 April
Simply Brass p. 14

Two excellent p. 14 tunes, with one slightly dodgy backing from Neville and one really ace one at Alan's site. Map and compass provided.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Tuesday 14 April
Back to work!

With the Bank Holidays out of the way, let's have a look at p. 13 of Simply Brass where you can play the excellent Muscle Builder and, at long last, we have a proper backing for the classical megatune A Little Beethoven. Go and be that London Symphony Orchestra!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Monday 13 April
Easter Monday

It's another Bank Holiday today, but the Easter Bunny is fitting in some brass practice.

Please click the photo for a bigger and (slightly) more heroic version

Today's Bank Holiday Sound Snippet is a brilliant horn solo, played by Alan Civil, on "For No One" by The Beatles.

gold wrapped chocolate rabbit playing a cornet, close up on face
Friday 10 April
Good Friday

It's a Bank Holiday today so let's all have the day off!

But before you go off and chill … just listen to this amazing brassy fanfare from the beginning of J. S. Bach's Easter Oratorio. It's played on old-type trumpets, with no valves, like the one in the photo.

photo of reproduction Baroque trumpet, a long instrument with no valves
Thursday 9 April
Page 12 for two more tunes

Now that we've got page 12 online, you can play Hold Your Breath as well as the mega-favourite Lightly Row.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
A Canonbury tenor horn
Here is a ❗John Packer JP072 tenor horn just like yours:
Photo of a John Packer tenor horn from the supplier's site
Wednesday 8 April
Page 11

Here's another chance for some great tunes as we add page 11 to the site. Lots to do here!

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Tuesday 7 April
Page 10: something different

We now have page 10 up on the website but there is something different and new about it compared with all the others so far! Can you see what it is?

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Monday 6 April
Here is page 9

Now we have page 9 online for the latest tunes from Simply Brass (SB). There's lots of good work to do here, and one barnstorming monster song! (Ah-Ha)

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Friday 3 April
Simply Brass – page 8

Page EIGHT! Say "woo". The wonderful Bubble Gum, the fantastic Study, at two different speeds … and oh yes there seems to be another tune here too …

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Thursday 2 April
Page 7

Look for Page 7, just added to the Simply Brass page, bringing you three favourite tunes. Don't play in that rest! … oops

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
A Canonbury cornet
Here is a❗John Packer JP071 cornet just like yours:
Photo of a John Packer cornet from the supplier's site
Wednesday 1 April 2020
Simply Brass page 6

Page 6 is now up on the Simply Brass page, with some great tunes including the classic Jumping Beans at three different speeds.

Jump straight to the Simply Brass backings …
… or read more about our Simply Brass book
Item header

Item text

Item header

Item text

Item header

Item text Click here to read more

Click here to read more
Tuesday 31 March
Online safety

External links – that is, pages outside this website – are being marked with this symbol:❗which means be careful, and please read up here if you need a reminder.

Please show what a sensible computer user you are by taking online safety very very seriously!

Read more at the Odds & Ends page
Monday 30 March
Simply Brass page 5

Page 5 is now online on the main Simply Brass page. Three new songs from Roll Along  (or is it Mary?) through Castle March to Easy Es are there right now for you.

There are plenty more pages to come, so please keep checking.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
Friday 27 March
Simply Brass

Page 4 is now online on the main Simply Brass page. All the songs from Up Up Yeah! to Q & A are there now for you.    

Jump straight to the Simply Brass backings …
… or read more about our Simply Brass book
Thursday 26 March
Simply Brass backings

Page 3 is now online on the main Simply Brass page.  

If you are one of those people who always wants to go back and play Acoustic Thing – this is your moment!

About Simply Brass

I've started an information page which will explain about the book and how we use it. There's lots more to follow.

Simply Brass backings …
… and the book
New logo
Three valves - there's a surprise!
Canonbury Brass logo with instrument valves and initials
Wednesday 25 March
Brass instrument notes and piano notes don't match!

Aaargh! What is going on? Why have people been lying to each other about Cs and B♭s and E♭s for, well, centuries?

Read a new article that tells you how someone playing another instrument at home might be able to match your notes!

Top Tip: they might want to get a Nice Cup of Tea first …

Newsflash: now with an exciting music notation version!

Odds & ends page launched

The new article above is the first on the Odds & Ends page, where I plan to bring you all sorts of, er, stuff …

Click here for Odds & Ends
Tuesday 24 March
Horsey flaps!   

Added a portrait of a horse to the Warmups page. Just in case.

Go Prrrrrrrrrrrr for a slow count of 4 then do it again a couple of times. Don't forget to pause for a breath in between!

Monday 23 March 2020 
New site design

It looks nicer and works much better on mobile devices 

New logo

I got a bit bored with the old one so I borrowed some valves from a free online art site and then put a nice splash of Canonbury Orange behind them.      

Warmup inspirations

I've put in links to some of the musical ideas behind our warmups. Have a listen! You can jump straight to the Warmup page to read "Warmup Inspirations".

Canonbury Brass

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