Canonbury Brass – This is my Wish     

  Canonbury Primary School Brass Ensemble: backing musicians for a great whole-school song

Brass Ensemble at Christmas 2019
Union Chapel and Highbury Grove – two great gigs

For a change. we did not have a separate Brass Ensemble piece at the 2019 Christmas Concert: instead we had a wonderful opportunity to work alongside the whole school and add an extra layer of expression and drama to this great song. We then had the fantastic chance to go and do it all again at Highbury Grove.

About the song
It's a long story

Yes, it's a long story, to which I will come back when I get a chance. For now, let's just say it's a lovely song – full of kindness and goodwill – by Tim and Angela Laurer, and this choir arrangement is by David Huntsinger. The extra brass bits are by … ah right you guessed. Ho hum.

Sheet music
Here are PDFs of your parts – and the full(ish) scores if you are interested!

A computer plays all our parts

This is just a computer playing from the score, but it is all there. It's recently been improved with better computer sounds so that it sounds nicer and more realistic: the voices still just sing "Ah", though, because they don't know the words!

Canonbury Brass

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