Canonbury Brass – Warmups

Do a warmup here – then play a tune!

Warmup backings 1–15   

Play this stuff! Have fun! It's really really really good for your playing.

  • Click C or TH next to the name for the Cornet or Tenor Horn backing
  • Some have a riff or something else to do
  • I've marked which note is good for your long and low notes and to finish
  • ... and this is also the good note for starting a Copy Me bit!

# Name C/TH Good note Comment
1 Rock'n'roll  C   TH  C 12-bar blues
2 Campfire C TH C 12-bar blues
3 Dance and Sax C TH C 12-bar blues
4 Tiger-like C TH D Riff
5 Silly Marching Band C TH C  
6 Let's Dance C TH D  
7 Slow Blues C TH C 12-bar blues
8 Old Jazz C TH C  
9 Klezmer C TH C Oy!
10 70s Disco C TH C Horn groove
11 Big Band C TH C  
12 Empire Rock C TH D Riff
13 Tango Hernando C TH D Not too fast
14 Salsa Salad C TH C Quite quick
15 Salsa Pop C TH D TOO fast!

Warmup routine
Do you remember your warmup routine?

  • Horsey Flaps (see portrait below)
  • Buzzy Lips (this is setting your embouchure)
  • Mouthpiece Buzz (slow and gentle, long low notes, try to make it sound nice!)
  • The Famous Canonbury Siren
  • Mouthpiece In – long low notes on your instrument
  • Copy Me ... or maybe there is a riff for this one?
  • Finish on a long low note and watch the leader for a Really Good Professional Cutoff!
  • ... and if there is no leader, just be very very cool about ending neatly, like your job depends on it. :)

Portrait of a horse

Warmup inspirations
Some of the ideas behind our warmups

None of our warmups are an actual tune – but several of them are based on the chords and the feel of originals. Here are some of the tunes which inspired the warmups.   

No. 4, "Tiger-like", sounds a bit like ❗"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor

And No. 6, "Let's Dance", borrows ideas from ❗David Bowie's "Let's Dance"

No. 10, "70s Disco", has something in common with ❗"Love's Unkind" by Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco

No. 12, "Empire Rock", is a close relative of  ❗"The Imperial March" by John Williams. Here you can see Williams conducting a top symphony orchestra – check out their brass playing!

Useful notes

1. Sorry but you probably can't (easily) play along with these ones – they are (mostly) in different keys.

2. These performances all open in a new window or tab.

3. Remember that❗by a link means that it is outside this site - be careful, and please read up here if you need a reminder.

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