Canonbury Brass – warmups – mouthpiece buzz

Working through a warmup
Buzzing the mouthpiece ... we are almost there! 

Now we have done some horsey flaps and buzzy lips, we want to buzz the mouthpiece and we are very nearly playing!

Please watch my Class Dojo video for Wednesday 3 March. It's all in there but here are your five big reminders:

  1. Aim for the middle. (Sure, this varies - but this is a good idea as a starting point for us all.)
  2. Corners! Thinking about the corners of your mouth will help you to not puff your cheeks out.
  3. Buzz some LONG notes. Can you count to three or four while you keep your buzz going? How about five or six?
  4. Try to make the buzz sound beautiful. Hmm, yes, I know - but we all love a challenge, right?
  5. Don't press hard! Just use enough pressure to keep it on your face and keep the air going through it. Not a big big push.    
And, again, don't overdo it practising your mouthpiece buzz. Think about how we do it in class - it's a few nice long notes, maybe six or eight goes with a pause and a breath between. Do some great long-note mouthpiece buzzing and you are setting your playing up really well.

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