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What's new?
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• The school year ends, but not without a lovely noisy seven-trumpets-and-drums tune on the Odds & Ends page. Plus a note, on the same page, about what this website will do next.

• Also at Odds & Ends I've added a wonderful performance, by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, of George Gershwin's jazz classic Summertime.

• All ready to go at Odds & Ends is Dvořák's extremely famous and popular Largo from his New World Symphony. With high and low note versions in this special Canonbury Collectors' Edition.

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Warmup backings 1–15   

All the warmups we do in school

Choose cornet or tenor horn

Read a reminder of our warmup steps

Listen to tunes that inspired our warmups

Warmups and more

Simply Brass
Acoustic Thing or Small Archie?

Listen to and download our backing tracks for the Simply Brass tunes.

Check for new backings!

Read about Simply Brass and Alan Pring's other work. He's a busy man.  

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Brass Ensemble
Living for the City

You can get all the ensemble parts here, and listen to a computer performance of our tune.

There is also some information about the ensemble, with lots more to come, and you can revisit the glories of the Christmas Concert too!

Canonbury Primary School Brass Ensemble
Animal pictures  
At last, as promised!

Still a Work in Progress, and doesn't yet work on mobile devices like your phone. But it's a start, and we will get there.

Brass Odds & Ends
All sorts ... 

Here you will find:

An article about keeping safe when using this site – learn to look out for the ❗ which warns you when you are leaving it.

Our next article is about the sad and confusing fact that our cornet and tenor horn notes don't match the flute, violin or piano unless someone does a bit of fixing-upping … no, it's not that bad, we can cope!

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