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Fetching other children – the POLITE way!
Let's keep it super-civilized when you go to collect others for their lessons.

The Golden Moment of Silence
Silence before we play is important ... how to avoid the teacher going on at you about it. And on, and on, and on ...

Main Tuning Slides
Some really really important tips about those slidey tubey bits

Nasty Teacher's Trick Question
Oh no! A NastyTeacher™ is asking a TrickQuestion™. Stay calm and offer a careful answer.

There is no clue in the video, so this is just based on what you know and what we have discussed.

If you are still reading now … I forgot to say a codeword. You don't need one if you answer the NTTQ™ but if you like codewords then here is one for you: marmalade!

Be kind to your valves
Even on my daughter's super duper top-quality cornet I can make the second valve slow if I am silly about it. Solution: don't be silly!

Yes, there is much more to it than this and sometimes the valves really do stick! But this video is about one aspect with which you really can help.

Copy Me!
How a warmup leader can use GREAT Copy Me ideas that everyone will love ... and some problems to avoid!

Warmups Home Page
Check your tenor horn mouthpiece fits
With a tune for cornet players, and a code word for everyone

Warmups - horsey flaps
Recycled from Class Dojo. When it talks about the text or the web page it means this warmup link - please click to read. As usual you can comment by speaking to me, or by Class Dojo, or anything else that works!

I'm sorry that this one stops a bit suddenly. If you are still reading now, the codeword to tell me is "horse"!

Warmups Home Page

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