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 What are we? Do we have hats? What have we played, what will we play? More coming soon …

About the Brass Ensemble
Q: What is Canonbury PrImary School Brass Ensemble?
A: It is a secret super-elite group of top top brass players. 

No, only joking. It is people who are keen on brass and want to do a bit more than we can fit into the lessons. You don't have to be the best player in the world: you do need to be trying hard with your brass and you need to be prepared to attend rehearsals and work hard. Music reading helps too – you don't have to already be great at it but you do need to be willing to work with me on improving your reading. Remember – reading music is not rocket science; it is a simple code.

Does it have hats?

You bet it does. Brilliant hats.

Previous work: Living for the City
A recent(ish) tune 

Living for the City is the tune on which we were working when the pandemic closed us down. On its page you will find the music, our computer backing, information about the song and links to performances.

Living for the City
Previous work: This is my Wish
Our Christmas Concert triumph

I was so pleased with the way that Brass Ensemble absolutely nailed our backing for the huge all-school song This is my Wish. Well done Brass Ensemble!  I was very proud of you.  

Its own web page

If you would like to go back and have a look at what we worked on, you can still visit its web page, which is right here. Just click. The page has now been updated to our new style, and has an improved version of the computer audio: it won't fool you that it is real musicians but it sounds a lot better than the old one!

This is my Wish (new-style page)

Canonbury Brass

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